Annareli Morales

As an ASP Fellow, my research will explore precipitation over mountains through the use of satellite observations to understand precipitation climatologies in southwestern Mexico and numerical simulations to explore the physical processes affecting the transition from snow to rain over terrain. My PhD research explored the sensitivity of orographic precipitation to changes in microphysical and environmental parameters using idealized numerical simulations and statistical methods, such as elemental effects and Markov chain Monte Carlo. My M.S. thesis focused on exploring the effect of latent heating to the development of a mesoscale vortex observed during the September 2013 Colorado extreme precipitation and flooding event. My research interests are cloud microphysics and thermodynamics, mountain meteorology, aerosol-cloud interactions and their impact on precipitation, mesoscale processes, and extreme precipitation and flooding. I also enjoy teaching and participating in outreach opportunities to spread scientific knowledge to young scientists and their parents.