Title Resource Type Resource Referenced Event Tags
Zoom Meeting Audio | Culture Survey Multimedia Audio, mp4
Bystander Intervention Training Event bystander intervention training 2018 v2.pdf115.46 KB Bystander Intervention Training: Session A
Calling People in Handout Calling_People_In Handout.docx37.59 KB handout
CIRES Bystander Intervention Training March 2018 CIRES_Bystander_Intervention_Training_March_2018.pdf13.87 MB Bystander Intervention Training: Session A
Combating Harassment Slides and Resources CIRES 2018 Combating Harassment_2018 CIRES.pdf865.19 KBResources_Combating Harassment_v2.pdf338.91 KB Combating Harassment at CU and in Geoscience inclusion, anti-harassment, OIEC, training
CIRES SafeZone Flyer Safe zone.pdf309.73 KB Safe Zone Training anti-harassment, LGBTQ+, training, gender and sexuality
CIRES Culture Survey Flyer CIRES Culture Survey Flyer.pdf110.31 KB inclusion, survey, evaluation, climate
CIRES SafeZone Training 2018 Resources_SafeZone.docx15.58 KBGeneral Safe Zone.pdf2.07 MB Safe Zone Training LGBTQIA+, inclusion, training, event
2018 Full Culture Survey Report Report 2018 CIRES Culture Survey Report.pdf1.8 MB diversity, inclusion, culture survey, report
CIRES Best Practices Inclusive Search and Hire CIRES_Best_Practices_for_Inclusive_Search.pdf847.84 KB hiring, diversity, inclusion