Cultural Collisions and Courageous Conversations: Seeking To Remedy Our Blind Spots




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Online Meet meeting


We at CIRES aim to begin a communal conversation of responsibility and accountability for the ideologies, methodologies, pedagogies, environmental cultures and practices that have perpetuated Eurocentricity in the natural sciences.

The Black Lives Matter movement has heightened the visibility of, and our awareness of, social inequality. To initiate this chapter of our center's actions, we've invited Associate Professor Donna Mejia (THDN/ETHN/WGST) to share her research and historical impact, having successfully led a worldwide effort to transform problematic practices and language in her emerging field.

Donna's presentation will focus on a variety of tools to dismantle racism and bias at the personal, interpersonal, communal and systemic levels of our work, teaching and research.

This presentation will take place on Meet. RSVP to receive connection information.